Insorhil is a world with a forgotton history. Much of the worlds beginning lies unknown except to the most ancient of beings leaving the origins of the world a mystery and the subject of much debate.

Over a thousand years ago, the Archmage Sai’Udan, on a crazed quest for immortality did what no other has done and opened a gate to the outer planes. Through this portal came Sai’Udan’s patron, Orcus the Demon Prince of Undeath.

With endless hordes of undead creatures under their command, the two began to wage a war upon Insorhil, now known as the Age of Abomination. After the intervention of the Gods and the defeat of Orcus, the world that remained was a broken and shattered place with few major land masses left and no formal nations remaing.

In the thousand years since the Age of Abomination the nations have arisen from the ashes of the centuries long war with the undead. Under the rule of the Dwarven King Mordarik Earthborn, the kindgom of Morundia occupies the largest landmass in Insorhil. To the east lies the insular nation, Chakka Sou, ruled by the Brass Dragon Ochakkas. Lieing between these and spanning hundreds of islands or varying size is the human-ruled Empire of Telsor current led by Empress Tiermaya Re Cassardhil. Finally, constantly moving and traversing the skys is the Eladrin Nation of New Kerressor ruled over by the Archfey Prince Dassarniel.